Before you Book - International Booking Policies

Retainer Fee

50% of total agreed upon compensation due at time of booking. 

Purchase Retainer Fee

Cancellation Policy

- If you cancel before I leave for current tour: No penalty. *Retainer fee will count towards a rescheduled shoot.

- If you cancel after I have left for current tour: No penalty. 

- If you cancel 72 hours or less before scheduled shoot: Total agreed upon compensation is due upon cancellation

Transportation (This policy does not apply to Canada)

Because I will not have a car, I will be relying heavily on uber and public transportation. I ask for a reasonable reimbursement of any transportation expenses incurred. These terms are to be discussed on a case by case basis. For places that have daily or weekly unlimited passes for public transportation will be considered a personal travel expense and will not be charged to you regardless of whether it has been used to get to your location.


Although I do come with a wardrobe selection, it is essential that I pack lighter than normal. If you require specific wardrobe for our shoot, please tell me BEFORE I leave for that tour, otherwise items will need to be provided by you.


Communication will be through online platforms.

- Email (Preferred)

- Model Mayhem (Preferred)

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Purple Port 

- Model Society

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