Booking Fee


$25 upon booking to ensure a spot on my calendar. This is non-refundable and goes towards our agreed upon compensation. If you would like to purchase a retainer fee upfront in order to guarantee a booking, please click HERE.




i.    15+ days out from scheduled shoot: No Penalty

ii.    8-14 days out from scheduled shoot: 50% of total agreed upon compensation due upon cancellation 

iii.    4-7 days out from scheduled shoot: 75% of total agreed upon compensation due upon cancellation 

iv.    72 hours from scheduled shoot: total agreed upon compensation due upon cancellation

Due to unfortunate situations happening while traveling, I will have to put a cancellation policy in place. I understand that emergencies happen and sometimes that can be a financial emergency--please communicate with me if you cancel for a legitimate reason. I don't want to have a cancellation policy in place, but cancellations have put me in a difficult position, especially while traveling.  I truly dislike associating this with money, although the only way that I can commit to my art and working with amazing creators full time is by making it my career. I will not cancel on you unless I am dying sick, or have a legitimate emergency and can provide proof, in which case I will send you your $25 retainer fee immediately. Your time is very important to me and I am more than happy to comply with cancellation policies that you have. The two weeks out will give me enough time to schedule another shoot. Thank you for understanding.


Hourly Rates

*Please note that I am willing to work with most budgets within reason. If you have questions regarding my rates, please contact me HERE 

  • Fashion, Boudoir, Implied, Artistic, or Glamour Nude/Ballet En Pointe/Yoga

- $125 hourly (two hour minimum)

- $440 half day (4 hours)

- $900 full day (8 hours)

  • Fine Art Erotic & Fetish

- $350 for 2 hours; These rates are non-negotiable.

If you would like to book an artistic erotic shoot longer than two hours, please contact me HERE

Boundaries & Limitations

Please read through this carefully.

- Limitations for fine art erotic work:

 Must be reflected in model release prior to signing (*These apply to erotic genres ONLY. I fully comply with the model release provided by the copyright owner of the photos for all genres OTHER than erotic).

  1. Absolutely NO video.
  2. No playboy/penthouse/hustler style posing.
  3. I will not pose for erotic shoot meant to be portrayed as only sexualized or degrading.
  4. Must remain within a fine art style of photo composition, posing, and facial expressions.
  5. I reserve the right to decide whether my face is or is not in the photo/frame.
  6. I reserve the right to refuse poses that I feel cross the boundaries of a fine art realm.
  7. I reserve the right to know where photos will be published and what they will be published for.
  8. If photos are sold, I reserve the right to a commission percentage off of profits.

- Ballet & Half/Full Day Bookings:

  1. For photo shoots that last longer than 3 hours: Please note that it is essential that I have regular water/bathroom/snack breaks. This is not to relax on your dime- this is to ensure that I am well fueled in order to be at my highest level of performance with the same energy level from the beginning to the end of the scheduled photo shoot. This is also to ensure that I am in peak health following our photo shoot as I may have a lengthy drive, another booking, or computer work to get done. While I am frugal with breaks during a booking, I am also vocal about when I will be needing one as I will not push the boundaries of my health and energy levels.
  2.  I will need time to stretch. I arrive to each shoot early in order to touch up makeup, sign paperwork, get wardrobe ready, & stretch. I do not expect payment for this.

- Respect and Personal Space

I am very sad that past experiences have pushed me to the point of having to post this on MY OWN website. To most, this is common courtesy/common sense, however to those that feel any of this behavior is acceptable, please refrain from doing this in the future to ANY model. If you feel that these conditions are too difficult to control, please do not contact me about a shoot as we will not get along and I will not pleasant to be around.

  1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES!!! Am I to be touched without  permission, or touched in a place where you would not touch your Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandma, etc
  2. This one is more harmless, but please try to refrain from approaching me quickly, especially when I am not facing you. This in conjunction with unwanted physical contact has unfortunately been an issue. 
  3. If you feel you cannot articulate your vision in words, mimic a pose yourself, or show me a photo of what you want, you are not to physically try to get me into a pose without CLEAR CONSENT
  4. It is not necessary for you to stand over me within arms reach for an extended amount of time. Please give me some breathing room and space to work.
  5. Crude comments and sexual innuendos do not make me laugh. This is my business and the way I pay my bills. If you are saying to me something that you wouldn't say to your Mother, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother, etc., I will treat it as if you do not respect the way I make my living and the services I provide, I will call the shoot early, and the total agree upon compensation will be due in full prior to my departure regardless of how much time we have left.
  6. Wording is extraordinarily important to me in regards of my comfort. Please refer to specific body parts as their biological name, or a word that is not vulgar. Again, if you wouldn't say it to your female family member, do not say it when referring to my body. Vulgar = Disrespectful.
  7. If you decide to drink alcohol and/or take behavior altering drugs while you work with me, then I will leave early and the agreed upon compensation is due in full prior to my departure.
  8. If your studio is in your place of residence, please ensure that any firearms/weapons are stored properly and locked away in a safe. I do not decide how you store your belongings in your home, but if I see a gun laying out, I will automatically assume that it is loaded and treat it as a threat to my safety and will take action as necessary to ensure my well being.

I am very sad to have to put these things out there, but I have unfortunately experiences all of these things. I am a very kind and open-minded person, however I do take a hard stance on my comfort and safety because not all models are comfortable being firm to someone they feel threatened by. I do not want people to feel like they are walking on eggshells around me as I am 100% blunt and honest when I see inappropriate behavior. I can count my bad experiences on one hand, which is great considering I average 8-10 photoshoots per week, but these negative experiences make a great impact on me and can /will create mental and emotional difficulty when trying to do my job efficiently.

Thank you for understanding.

Tattoo Coverage Information

Information on coverage, post production, wear, and specific products.

- Color matching:

  •  Very few people have had to worry about color correction. I do carry liquid pigment to both darken and lighten the makeup in order to match my skin tone as it changes throughout weeks, months, and a year if a set lasts me that long depending on how much sun I get and I do get spray tans which evens out my skin tone. The night before I cover my tattoos, I always color match and mix any pigmentation necessary and so far everyone has been very happy with it. 

- Post Production: 

  • Aforementioned, I do my absolute best to perfectly match the makeup to my current skin tone. A couple times the light source has reflected differently off of the makeup which can be fixed with some dodging and burning or a similar technique. The one thing that will need to be done is some skin smoothing. The makeup is almost literally caked on so the texture is a bit rougher than my actual skin. My goal for covering the tattoos is 100% to minimize edit time for photographers and make it easier while still appealing to those who prefer no tattoos. With that being said, the feedback that I have received is that it's very minimal compared to completely editing out tattoos and not complicated to smooth and color correct, however I can still appreciate that it's more work than if I did not have tattoos.

- Wear: 

  • The makeup SAYS it lasts 16 hours which is true, however at the 12 hour mark it starts to crack. I do cover it with setting powder and spray, as well as a liquid bandage which creates a very reliable barrier and I'm very confident with that. I have seen the makeup on my hip crack prematurely when I put on really tight clothing or if it gets rubbed too hard on furniture. I'm pretty mindful of it but it has caught me off guard twice. In that case, I will touch up the makeup to cover it again (I don't charge for that time and offer to shoot longer to make up for the time spent) which can vary from 10-30 minutes depending on how bad it is. If we miss it it's probably because it is minor and can be corrected with a spot healing brush tool or similar technique because when it does fall off, it's in tiny chunks smaller than a blemish and only in one area.  It is waterproof and I have not had any issues with it when I sweat.

Products Used:

  • Products used for skin prep:
  •      ~ Oil Free Acne Moisturizer: $10
  •      ~ Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray: $32
  •      ~ Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: $36
  • Normal makeup used
  •      ~ KAT VON D Lock-It Concealer Crème: $28
  •      ~ Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation: $25
  •      ~ Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation: $12
  •      ~ ULTA Foundation Match Mixers: $18
  • Makeup specifically for covering tattoos:
  •      ~ DERMABLEND Leg and Body Makeup: $34
  •      ~ DERMABLEND Quick Fix Body Foundation Stick: $29
  •      ~ DERMABLEND Intense Powder Camo Medium Coverage Foundation: $34
  • Products to set makeup
  •      ~ Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder: $20
  •      ~ URBAN DECAY All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: $32
  •      ~ Nexcare Liquid Bandage: $10